Sources of Strength

The Sources of Strength secondary program has a powerful impact on both the individual and environmental levels. At the individual level, the program operates in various phases, starting with the recruitment of Peer Leaders and Adult Advisors during the pre-training phase. Throughout the process, individuals engage in sharing and prompt activities, fostering a community of strength. Additionally, the program involves Peer Leaders, Adult Advisors, and staff members actively engaging with protective factors through messaging campaigns, such as identifying Trusted Adults and sharing coping strategies for managing big emotions.

On the environmental level, Sources of Strength utilizes the influence of Peer Leaders and Adult Advisors to conduct positive messaging campaigns that create social change and enhance protective factors at a universal level. This can be achieved through wall displays, announcements, classroom presentations, and other large-scale activities, all aimed at fostering a positive and supportive environment.

Through its multi-faceted approach, Sources of Strength empowers individuals and creates a transformative impact that extends to the wider community, promoting resilience and increasing protective factors for all.